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Why do most Americans claim to be Christians, but don't act like Christians?

or another way to ask this same question is:

Why don't Christians act like Christians?

As you look at how your neighbors and friends, can you tell -- based on how they live -- who is a Christian?

The following information comes from Barna Research:

Non-evangelical born-again Christians get divorced (33%) at the same rate as those identifying themselves as not being born again (34% get divorced).

People live together before marriage at the same rate:
Catholics: 36%
Protestants: 30%
all American's 33%

Gambling: 23% of Christians buy a lottery ticket weekly. 27% of non-Christians buy a lottery ticket weekly.

The occult: 36% of Christians read their horoscope daily and 36% of Americans read their horoscope daily.

Salvation: 53% of American's believe that everyone will go to heaven.

The Trinity: 73% of Catholics and 52% of born-again Christians deny the existence of the Holy Spirit.

American's think, if you are an American, you are a Christian.

Since 85% of American's claim to be Christian (of the remaining 15%, 8% are atheist and 7% are other religions such as Jewish, Buddhist and Muslim), you could say that you there is no difference between Americans in general and American Christians because they are essential the same group. When you are talking about an American, you are talking about a Christian. The problem is that Christians are called to live differently than non-Christians, and research shows that American Christians do not act like Christians.

How are Christians called to live? (What do Christians believe and what is a Christian lifestyle?)

The answer: Here's the reason why Christians Don't Act Like Chtistians


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